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A Recession-Proof Business

Well I’m back in Avon, and I couldn’t be more excited! I have sold Avon on and off since I was 19 years old, and have never experienced such a successful start as I am this time around. And when I was getting my hair done the other day, I asked my stylist, “So has your business slowed since the recession?”. Her answer stunned me. “No actually, we are the busiest we have ever been.” Who knew that the beauty industry would be a recession-proof business?

It seems that women are taking much better care of themselves than in generations past, and that’s a good thing. Beauty and self-care is no longer viewed as a luxury, but as vital to our well-being. So while the country (and the world) is healing financially, bath and body products are providing quite a morale boost. Not to mention looking great for those up-coming interviews.

And if you’ve been searching for that recession-proof business, look no further… I am just a mouse-click, or phone call away…

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