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Review – Verizon Wireless Internet

It was wonderful in the beginning…

I wouldn’t have to worry about coordinating schedules for installations of cable lines or boxes, phone lines, or any of the excess bills, or intrusions into my home.

And I could have internet service anywhere! I could meet with my clients and  qualify them for thier loans – INSTANTLY – even within the comfort of their own homes.

And the speeds were really fast…  at first.

Then, right around the time I was to pay my first bill, my service would crash – about every 5 – 10 minutes.  I paid my first bill, and everything was fine again.

“well that was odd, and a bit shitty, but ok”  I thought.

Second month happened the same way, except a bit sooner.  More crashes 5-10 minutes apart, continually.

I called the company… they did a speed test, then referred me to download software from a different site, as it might be a software problem. (I was using the CD version given to me when I signed my contract)

The crashes only  got worse.

Not wanting to think my beloved Verizon would be doing anything amiss, I reasoned that maybe it was my memory that was too low to handle all the work I was doing.

I upgraded my memory – the problems continued.  Only now, its continually crashing on me.

Google brought me to a few posts about the capping of bandwidth – a practice becoming more widespread with ISPs.  I found out that my service is indeed capped at 5 gigs a month… ok, no biggie, as I think I remember signing some paperwork to that effect.  But here’s the kicker – not only do they cap for the month… but they also seem to cap the “rate” at which you use it.  If you are uploading or downloading to fast – they shut your ass down!

And a call to their CSR dept confirmed it.

So those client files I need to send or recieve… will make my service crash.  Those videos my company uses to keep my training relevent…  networking sites like myspace or facebook… even simply checking my email… ALL CRASH MY DAMN INTERNET SERVICE.

Verizon, you have capped yourself into uselessness and worthlessness.  And um, no, I will NOT be renewing my contract.


ps. my service crashed twice while composing this post. Thank you wordpress for your auto-save feature!)